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The FelixCoin project will build a binary outcome gambling website accepting the major liquid cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, et cetera).

The players will be betting against each other – NEVER AGAINST THE HOUSE.

This fun little platform will be available globally at any time and will allow our users to make a quick buck with their experience.

Professional Sports, Global Events, Elections, Entertainment and more anything can come across the table.

The Final product might differ from the given example

The design of the betting site will have ease of use in mind. We intend to create the “Google” of online gambling sites where any user can quickly and intuitively use their cryptocurrency deposited on the site to place their bets. Servers and the shell corporation for the gambling website will be domiciled in jurisdictions that will enable “permissionless” operation of our betting platform and “permissionless” use by the users of the platform. The beauty of the internet and cryptocurrency is that both are “permissionless”.

Once our betting site is online and generating revenue, we will have FelixCoin listed for public trade on KuCoin or TradeOgre. This public listing will allow first round investors to exit, if they so wish.

We will also use this FelixCoin governance token listing on an exchange to raise funds for our second round where the next 1 million FelixCoin will be offered for sale at roughly 10X the price first round investors bought in. Funds raised in the second round will be used to develop a hybrid CEX/DEX.

In addition, profits from the FelixCoin betting site will also be used to code and implement the hybrid CEX/DEX. Registered users will be seamlessly and automatically registered for FelixCoin’s Cryptocurrency Exchange.

The same innovative strategies we will be using to advertise, promote and structure the gambling site – will also be used to advertise, promote and structure the hybrid CEX/DEX.

After the hybrid CEX/DEX is tightly integrated into our gambling platform, we will offer for sale another 1 million FelixCoin on the hybrid CEX/DEX for the third round at a 5X multiple from the second round funding offer.

This third round of funding will be used to set up stablecoins in non-USD currencies. Running stablecoins are extremely lucrative and we intend on creating stablecoins for Chinese Yuan, Indian Rupees, Euros and Swiss Francs to start.

Prior to the launch of these stablecoins, the FelixCoin governance token will start paying out rewards in Ethereum from the net profits the gambling site and the hybrid CEX/DEX generate.

10 million FelixCoin ERC-20 token limited mint

Permissionless gambling site that offers simple binary outcome proposition bets using the major cryptocurrencies

Hybrid CEX/DEX cryptocurrency exchange integrated with the gambling site

ERC-20 stablecoins in non-USD major fiat currencies integrated with the hybrid CEX/DEX

First round investors in FelixCoin are guaranteed a 10X return on their investment when the FelixCoin token is listed on an exchange.

For example: if the first round values 1 Felixcoin = 1.00 USDT, Then the second round of 1 million FelixCoin will be offered for sale at 1 FelixCoin = 10.00 USDT on KuCoin or TradeOgre. The third round of 1 million FelixCoin will be offered for sale at 1 FelixCoin = 50.00 USDT on our hybrid CEX/DEX.

The free floating price of FelixCoin will depend on 2 factors: Speculation and the net profits generated from the gambling site, the hybrid CEX/DEX, our stablecoins and any further projects developed by the FelixCoin team.

Once the hybrid CEX/DEX is up and running, rewards in Ethereum will be paid out to holders of the FelixCoin governance token on an annual basis. The amount of Ethereum distributed will depend on the net profits for all FelixCoin projects that year.

To buy FelixCoin in the first funding round, please direct message QNam (.qnam) in the FelixCoin community discord.

To verify that you are indeed talking to QNam, please note the red “Chairman” tag role that the authentic QNam has.



Experience the thrill of betting with FelixCoin

The ultimate fusion of cryptocurrency and online gambling!

At FelixCoin, we understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with placing bets and testing your luck. That’s why we have integrated FelixCoin into our cutting-edge online betting platform, offering you a seamless and secure betting experience like never before. With FelixCoin, you can enjoy a wide range of betting options across various sports and virtual competitions. Popular sports like football, basketball, tennis and more our platform caters to all your gambling preferences.

By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, FelixCoin ensures transparency, fairness, and security in every bet you place. Our decentralized platform eliminates the need for intermediaries, reducing transaction costs and allowing for instant, hassle-free withdrawals and deposits. In addition to the advantages of using FelixCoin for betting, we offer exciting bonuses and promotions exclusively for our FelixCoin users. Earn extra rewards, participate in special tournaments, and unlock unique features by utilizing FelixCoin within our platform.

We understand the importance of responsible gambling, and we prioritize the well-being of our users. Our platform includes robust security measures and responsible gambling tools to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. We encourage our users to gamble responsibly and provide resources for setting betting limits and accessing support if needed.

Join the FelixCoin betting community today and elevate your gambling experience to new heights. Enjoy the convenience, security, and excitement of betting with cryptocurrency, and embrace a future where digital currency and online gambling seamlessly come together